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Regarding handling of Grosse products

Precautions for handling

Grosse's costume jewelry is extremely delicately made, so applying impact or force may cause deformation or damage.
Please handle with care.

  • Grosse costume jewelry is usually made of alloy with a 6-layer coating with a final layer of 23K or platinum.
  • After use, please gently wipe away moisture and dirt with a dry, soft cloth that does not contain chemicals such as abrasives.
  • Please do not use abrasives such as ultrasonic cleaning or silver polishing as they will damage your jewelry.
  • Be sure to remove your jewelry when washing your hands, working with water, bathing in hot springs, seawater, or taking a bath, as this may damage your jewelry.
  • The crystals are held in place using adhesive. Please be careful as it may come off due to impact such as bumping or dropping, getting caught on it, or coming into contact with water.
  • Please note that contact with disinfectants, sweat, cosmetics, etc. (perfume, hairspray, sunscreen, body cream, etc.) may cause discoloration or deterioration of metal, crystal, etc.
  • Please store away from direct sunlight, high temperature, high humidity, excessive dryness, and dust.
  • If force is applied to the jewelry, the chain may break or the motif may become deformed or damaged. If it gets stuck, do not pull it forcefully.
  • Please remove jewelry when doing sports, doing heavy lifting, sleeping, or caring for young children as it may pose a risk to your body.
  • Depending on your constitution, it may cause itching or rash, so if you feel any abnormality on your skin, please stop using it and consult a specialist.
  • Please do not wear it in high temperature places such as saunas or extremely cold places such as ski resorts as this may cause burns or frostbite.
  • There is a risk of accidental ingestion, so please keep it out of the reach of children.